Workshops in Schools

Dramatica offers fully immersive workshops in schools to children in KS1 and KS2.

Workshops are designed to bring subjects to life, with the practical element being the forefront.

Workshops We Offer:

  • “The Lady with the Lamp” – Florence Nightingale  – History
  • “London’s Burning” – The Great Fire of London – History
  • “A Twist in the Tale” – Story Starting
  • “My Best Friend” – PSHE
  • “Take the Stage” – Performance

Subjects We Cover:

  • Cross Curricular History workshops
  • Imagination and Story Starting
  • PSHE and Confidence-Boosting workshops
  • Performance and Public Speaking

What We Provide:

  • Fully immersive workshops, suitable for the whole class
  • All workshops led by a specifically trained actor – practitioner
  • Liaison before the session to ensure that the workshop will meet your needs
  • All staff are fully DBS cleared

To book or for further information, email:

We are so excited to bring you our Once Upon a Time productions in schools!

These are musical theatre productions brought right to your school, for Foundation and KS1 children.

Featuring a range of original stories and music, these are designed to promote discussion and allow for a safe exploration of a variety of PSHE topics, all fully age appropriate.

But, even more importantly, they give children the chance watch live theatre, and all that it brings with it.

Our Stories

The Pirate and The Highlander

How would you help a pirate stranded on a desert island…? This is an enchanting story of a very unlikely friendship, whilst surrounded by palm trees and the deep blue ocean.

The Queen and The Servant

The Queen is very fussy about who she talks to – and if you’re not rich or posh enough, then she won’t have time for you! (Until a quite unlikely character makes her see the error of her ways!)

The Witch and The Fairy

It’s the first day of Magic School and the Witch and the Fairy have been buddied up together  -the problem is they have nothing in common!  They really don’t like each other – the way each other looks, or sounds or anything at all in fact!

The Logistics

We can make practically any space work for this.  You decide, in line with your polices, how many children you would like to bring for each performance.  We can perform to just a class, or a whole school.

Depending on the Socially Distanced protocol, the children can be involved with the performances, or completely distanced.

Our team will bring everything they need.  All we ask for is a table (a desk works fine!) and access to a power supply.  (We will bring extension leads and safety tape and mats will be used if necessary.)

Our plays are performed by two professional actors, and follow up workshops and worksheets are also available.

For more information, email